Using the knowledge and experience of a solid company that has been operating for over  40 years in the market, Corpvs provides the best tracking services for packages, motorcycles, cars, trucks and private fleets throughout the national territory. Using technology and safety information as tools, we seek to protect our client´s assets, at the lowest possible cost yet providing a even better management of their company logistics, increasing it´s efficiency, productivity and safety.

Offering a wide range of solutions in package and vehicles tracking services, we have a software which uses georeferenced maps that allows you to track the packages or your vehicle’s location in real time and on-line from your computer or your mobile phone.

This service also allows you to have statistical data such as vehicle speed, number of stops, total distance, mileage etc. Added to this, there is still the possibility of user registration, drivers, vehicles, cargoes and containers. Finally, it also allows the complete stop of the vehicle in case of suspicious activity or unnecessary movement which could be performed our team or the registered customer or user.

What´s available:

  • Real time tracking services;
  • Routing (Selection of the best routes available);
  • Speed Control;
  • Panic Button;
  • Vehicle engine stop buttom;
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking and support

Corpvs Tracking System, the ideal solution for you, your family or your business!

Even better, all this security costs a lot less than you think!

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